8th and 9th OCTOBER 2005

This is a multiplayer megagame about the whole of World War Two, from early 1942 until the middle of 1945.

This will be Megagame Makers 100th Megagame - and as such we want it to be an epic.

We are therefore organising this as our first Two Day megagame - players will not have to turn up for both days - though those who would like key roles will be expected to commit to both days.

Hopefully we will be able to recommend some reasonably priced accomodation for those travelling far to the game.

The game will be held on board the prestigious HMS President (1918), on the Thames in central London. The cost will be £60 for the weekend of gaming. (concs available).


Email us to save you place in the game now. We do our best to meet everyone's preferences as to role, but you will understand that given the size and scope of the game, not everyone can get their first choice.
Please also indicate if you are coming as part of a group of friends and want to be on the same team as them. You will see from the teams list that most teams are of three players or so.

What will it be like?

It will be global in scope, and player teams will represent the military and political leadership of the war. Current planning is for there to be around 38 teams (see teams list)

We have chosen the dates we have to reflect the period during which the war was truly global. The Japanese offensive in the Pacific has just started and is about to reach its zenith. In the Soviet Union, the Germans have failed to knock the USSR out of the war, and are about to engage in the great struggle for supremacy. In Europe, the United Kingdom has weather the risk of invasion and is marshalling its meagre resources against a powerful Germany.

Across the globe, few countries are unaffected one way or another.

Each game turn will represent approximately 2 months - so events will develop rapidly and at a very high level.

Economics and politics will be as important as military strategy. To give you some idea of what sort of events could happen in the space of two months, we have drawn up a rough chronology.

What makes a project like this so exciting is the opportunity to fully explore a whole range of 'what if' situations - particularly so in a megagame, where the political, military and economic strictures are represented in a way that cannot be done in any other game format - that is with real people.

What's A Megagame Then?

For anyone new to the megagame format - it is a game played with lots of player teams, organised into a heirarchy of teams - interacting in the same venue at the same time. There are examples of the sort of subjects covered by megagames on the Megagame Makers Site.

Here are a couple of reports from recent megagames that might give some flavour: Crisis in Brittania and Operation Market Garden 2004