Last added to on 5 Oct 2005
As the players are digesting and coming to grips with the game system, several qestions and clarifications are inevitably arising. This page will try to keep you informed of those clarifications as they are asked:
Can Raw/critical material sites be attacked by strategic air? Can the general rail network of a country be attacked by strategic air?
Yes, strategic bombing can operate against resource zones, and in much the same way - i.e it supresses some production.
Infrastructure attacks are not separately represented, mainly because attacks on an industrial or resource zone are assumed to include infrastructure attacks.
Can a task force based in one place (say, Pearl Harbor) sail to another place (say, Midway) to load troops and then launch an invasion at a third place in a single amphibious invasion ?
Not really. Loading troops is best thought of as more than just a few soldiers running up the gangplank. These training, planning, logistics etc to organise. Things like that just didn't happen that fast. So no, sorry.
What could be done, however, is to have a TF at, say, Midway with the invasion troops and a TF at, say, Pearl, and they both join to conduct the same operation. Obviously it would cost more in LSP, but that would be the price of such a disjointed operation.
Can garrisons be moved?
Yes, but only strategically. They are regarded as a static unit for combat purposes.


Can garrisons be created by breaking down manpower points?
Yes, on a 1 to 5 exchange rate.
How close does an LSP have to be shipped in order to be usuable by a front line team ?
An LSP shipped to India, for example, can be used in India, and possibly Burma the following turn. It could not, however, be immediately used in China (there are special movment limits to reflect the Burma Road and the overland routes for lend lease into Russia). If in doubt Control will rule on deployment based on what would have been possible historically.
Can Air points be used to attack or defend merchant convoys within range?
What happens if you strategic rebase into a base that is then attacked in the turn.
The units rebasing normally redirect to somewhere else, if they can. Control will advise.
What happens to fleet units that are based at a fleet base that is captured ? Are the captures/scuttled?
The ships may have the option of fleeing to somewhere else. It depends on the situation at the time. Ships under repair will be captured or destroyed.
Can Tonnage points on a route be used in both directions simultaneously?
Yes. It is perfectly possible to use a merchant route to deliver raw materials going one way, and troops and LSP going the other way, at the same time. if you are in doubt, check with control for the viability of 2-way traffic.
When tonnage points are lost to a commerce attack are the transported materials lost ?
Tonnage points are route capacity, not individual ships carrying cargo. The amounts transported are based on the available points at the end of the turn, after losses. So you transport whatever you have the capacity to move at that stage.
Can allies combine tonnage points to create a shared convoy route?
Can operational flags be stockpiled for use in later turns ?
Can you place manpower points in hexes behind the front line (as reserves / block breakthrough results) ? Obviously this can be done for fortification construction or creation of security zones, air defence etc... What happens if you are building fortifications behind the line and the enemy breakthrough ?
There are no breakthroughs in this system. The front line merely moves to the new position. Since the front line zone is some 100km deep on each side, reserves in the sense you mean are irrelevent - since in any given operation they will have been employed during the 2 months campaigning covered by a single turn. Fortifications can be built anywhere and are not manned until the front line reaches them.
W represents Tungsten. I don't think it is explicitly made clear (although I would hope most megagamers would be already know this)
Yes. I would hope so too.
USSR is mentioned as having a manganese surplus (with everyone else deficient) in the matrix but this resource doesn't appear elsewhere in the rule system.
Well, the USSR *does* have a manganese surplus. We're just not representing it in the game.
No mention of specialist marine or airborne troops. I realize that 1 manpower point represents 50,000 troops (including support&logistics) so the scale means the US can just about field a 1 point airborne army. Is this represented via Advantage cards or can policies be implemented to train specialist troops for these purposes?
Specialised troops are way below the level of resolution - so yes, Advantage cards, are the preferred representation for the temporary advantages gained by special forces.
How is trade with Neutrals (i.e. Portugal or Bolivia for Tungsten) conducted?
It is conducted as a negotiation with the appropriate control umpire for the political team.
Can consumer goods be exported to allies who are not producing their own (i.e. UK).
yes they can. You can assume one consumer good point is the same as a Raw Material for shipping purposes.
Carrier groups. I assume that A fleet carrier group requires two fleet carriers and an air point, and that an Escort carrier group requires 4 escort carriers and an air point. i.e. all 3 types of big ship requires 4 slips to complete a group. Is this correct ?
No. All construction on the chart is in terms of complete units. We have factored in the numbers of hulls etc involved. The only extra thing you need is the single air unit carried by the carrier unit (of whichever type).
Rules clearly state that New Industrial zones cannot be built, but can slip capacity be increased or ship construction time reduced further?
No new shipbuilding capacity will be available. Ship construction time might vary, both ways as the war progresses.
If minor powers are convinced to join allied war effort (e.g. Brazil), can we get use of their merchant fleet ?
Pearl harbour. US setup doesn't appear to have any damaged ships at start, historically some ships sunk at Pearl were refloated and salvaged for use - or is this abstracted into their setup.
This is abstracted in the setup.