Photos from the Day - 3 April 2004

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The Control team updating the situation on the Master Map, under the stern watchful eyes of Map Control - Terry Martin (right), Derk Groeneveld (centre, standing) and Frank Dunn (centre, brown top). In the game the Team Controllers had around 10 minutes to work out all their combat results and report back to players. This involved four flights of stairs, so they were practically on their knees by the end.

Another view of the Team Controllers at work. Frank vd Bergh, the Air Controller (left) managed to handle the impact of hundreds of transport aircraft and dozens of squadrons of combat aircraft - and get the results in before the main team controllers arrived - so that they could include the effect of air power in their calculations. The man deserves a medal.

Part of the Main Hall - the German section. Each command HQ had its own table, inlcuding 2 SS Pz Corps (bottom left), KG Von Tettau (bottom right), 719 Inf Div (middle left), KG Walther (middle right), LXXXVIII Corps (hidden behind a crowd of players behind 719 Div), LXXXVI Corps (behinf KG Walther). Standing at right at the back (on the right, in red) is the commander of Army Group B - Field Marshal Baron Von Weichs (Marc Lagrand) who replaced Field Marshal Model after his capture by British paratroops.

Part of the main hall - looking towards the Allied side. 2nd SS Pz Corp is int he foreground. The Back of the hall housed XXX Corps HQ, and XII Corps HQ. The Air HQ and 1 Allied AB Corps HQ were in the middle, with 43th Wessex to the left. Just out of shot on the left were 50th Div, and Guards Armoured.

The hotbed of inactivity that was 82nd US AB HQ - located on the stage of the hall (with the other two AB divisions). Behind 82nd tucked away in the corner is 1 British AB Div HQ. Taken during a rare visit by Lt General Horrocks (Simon Cornelius) who is standing with his back to the camera, in the red t-shirt.

1st Parachute Army HQ at the height of the battle (hence the confused looks). Gen Student (Michiel Schwartzenberg) is on the left in the white t-shirt. This HQ had a distinct tactical advantage in that it was located closest to the bar.

Field Marshal von Weichs (Marc Lagrand) (left) , being briefed by his new staff on arrival on the battlefield.

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