Photos from the Day - 3 April 2004

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LXXXVI Corps HQ is holding together a rapidly disintegrating situation. The Corps Commander (veteran megagamer, Ludwig van Schoor, left) listens carefully to the reporting from his Team Controller (Chris-Jan Groos, 2nd from right).

LXXXVIII Corps HQ - the team is pondering on their next move - counter attack or retreat?

The Air Controller (Frank vd Bergh, centre) and the Team Controller for 1 Allied AB Corps (Dick Bax, back, left) report back to the Allied Air Forces HQ on the state of the air transport.

Guards Armoured Division commander (Rene vd Assem) listens intently for some good news from his Team Controller (Hans Goosen). Have they broken through, or haven't they?

Back the the Master Control Map - Team Controllers comparing notes and updating the next turn. Each game turn took only half an hour - including processing results, reporting back, and players writing orders for the next turn. This makes for an intense and exciting game for players - and requires huge effort by the Control Team. On the day it worked, every turn was on time - and the pace was maintained for a solid 6 hours with no breaks. Everyone felt like they had fought a battle by the end!

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