Photos from the Day - 3 April 2004

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XXX Corps HQ busy in the absence of General Horrocks. The Logistics staff officer (James Kemp) is struggling with the logs, even with the help of spreadsheets and a laptop. Just imagine how hard it was for the originals, who had to do it with paper and pen!

XII Corps HQ functioning at peak efficiency - also in the absence of the Corps Commander. Note the Logs officer not using a PC (Jerry Elsmore, left). In the background you can just see the Allied Air Commander (Daniel Shaw) pondering over what bit of Holland was going to be laid waste by Allied Air power next,

VIII Corps hard at it - the Team Controller (John Rutherford, standing second from left) is reporting back on their latest tactical success. The team are updating their map, which the Corps Commander (Julian Fuller) looks on, confident his team have it all under control.


82nd US Airborne Div HQ getting an update from their Team Controller (Ed Blaauw - centre). The team can''t believe that the Germans are leaving them alone.

101st US Airborne, also located on the stage, getting a report from their Team Controller (Dirk Engels). The Logs officer (Andy Geliher - centre) looks on, confident that despite not having a supply dump, the division can keep fighting.

Kampfgruppe von Tettau  HQ - the divisional staff (Uli Blenneman middle, Micheal Bruinsma, 2nd from right and Bob Bruinsma, right) listens to a battle report from his team control umpire Peter Schulein (left)  while a liaison officer from Army Group B (Alex Grofics) takes notes.

Team Controller (Marleen Overkamp) briefs Kampgruppe Walther HQ on the latest of a series of casualties and retreats inflicted on them by the Allies. Despite being the main recipient of XXX Corps hammerblows, KG Walther kept fighting and annoying the British throughout the game.

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