The Teams

Main Forces Army Group B HQ
1 Airborne Corps HQ 1 Parachute Army HQ
82 US Airborne Division HQ 86 Corps HQ
101 US Airborne Division HQ 88 Corps HQ
1 British Airborne Division HQ Commander in Chief, Holland HQ
30 British Corps HQ 2 SS Panzer Corps HQ
Guards Armoured Division HQ 719 Infantry DivisionHQ
43 Wessex Division HQ Kampfgruppe Von Tettau HQ
50 Northumbrian Division HQ Kampfgruppe Walther HQ
Flanking Forces  
12 Corps HQ  
8 Corps HQ  
Other Teams  
Allied Airforces HQ  

There were also roles for experienced Game Control people, around 30 Game Control were needed for this epic game.

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