After Action Report 14

Team Control KG Walther (Marleen Overkamp)

At the start of Operation Market Garden, KG Walther was near
Valkenswaard and found itself directly in the path of the Allied
advance towards Eindhoven. As mentioned in an AAR from XXX Corps, the
KG got steamrolled over and was thrown back to Aalst. After that, they
wanted to fall back on Eindhoven, only to find it in the hands of the
Allied forces. Those forces had entered Eindhoven only an hour or so
before, from the direction of Waalre, but the KG didn't know that. So
the KG went east to Geldrop.

In the confusion of the battle, KG Walther lost some supplies. They
managed to arrange something with 86 Corps (I think) and could pick
up new supplies... way to the west of Eindhoven and on the other side
of a lot of Allied forces who were on nearly all the roads between the
KG and the supplies. Exit one SKK, never to return

At the start of their advance to Eindhoven, the Allied forces missed
KG Hoffman (part of KG Walther) to the west of the road. This KG went
north towards Veldhoven. Together with the other part of KG Walther at
Geldrop, they prepared to cut the road near Aalst.
However, one of the Hoffman battalions, send to scout out the bridge
at Waalre, was spotted. A few hours later it was driven back towards
Veldhoven. Meanwhile, KG Walther at Geldrop was attacked by a brigade
from VIII Corps. With other battles on their hands, the two KG's could
not cut the road.

At first, KG Walther held Geldrop. But more Allied units gathered and
finally the KG was forcefully kicked out of Geldrop by two brigades
and some supporting battalions. They were pursued to Mierlo by 8th
brigade, but a well-timed flank attack from units of 7 Para halted the

Since KG Hoffman was separated from the rest of KG Walther, KG Hoffman
was transferred to the 719th ID who made good use of them (judging
from the other AAR's). In return, KG Walther was reinforced with the
remnants of 7 Para (who were spread out between Mierlo and Weert) and
some units of 86 Corps as well.

KG Walther (what was left of the original units) retreated to Helmond.
After their arrival, the bridges were blown by some units of 86 Corps
already present. Speaking about bridges, KG Walther (and 86 Corps in
general) seemed intent on blowing all bridges they could find along
the Zuid-Willemsvaart. They even marked some bridges as "destroyed" on
their map while those bridges were still intact. Fog of war, probably.

To the west of Helmond, Allied forces gathered, but they did not
attack immediately. They saw the units of 86 Corps leaving Helmond,
which must have surprised them. KG Walther didn't like it either
(their units present were not really capable anymore to defend
Helmond on their own), but it seems 86 Corps needed those units to
plug a hole further north, left by one of their divisions that was
transferred to 1 Para Army.

As expected, the Allies attacked Helmond. Although the bridges were
blown and the mechanised units couldn't get into Helmond, the infantry
units did not seem to be slowed down by something as inconsequential
as missing bridges and they kicked the remnants of KG Walther out
(again). The survivors hid in the woods behind Bakel, waiting for the
relatively fresh units of 7 Para to come and reinforce them.
At the end of the game, they were planning to attack some mechanised
units near Gemert, together with 86 Corps.

(TC KG Walther)