After Action Report 12

CO 101 US AB Div (Matt Kelland)

101 Airborne conducted a successful operation. The initial drops on Best, Son and St Oedenrode went perfectly, and around Veghel we were successful after a brief fight. From D+1 onwards, a corridor across every waterway in the area of operations was kept open at all times, albeit sometimes a slightly meandering one. The Division was constantly under attack: we lost Veghel briefly, and the initial counterattack failed due to air support arriving in the wrong place. The second counterattack was an overwhelming success, sending the Germans routing back up the road to Uden. On D+2, the Germans assaulted the Son bridge and destroyed it, but we were able to arrange for a Bailey bridge.

Our finest moment was near the end of the operation, when the Germans attacked in divisional strength near Veghel and were twice repelled by two battalions of glider troops with minimal American casualties. Despite losing our SDP in the air, we were able to hold our position without any major supply problems. The eventual cost to the Division was high - between 30% and 50% casualties.

Gen Maxwell Taylor
101 Abn