After Action Report 06

Jos Lauwers - Main Logistics Control

As there were 2 Logistics-Umpires; Petra Schylein and myself Jos
Lauwers, we decided to split the logistics-umpiring by the flip of a
coin. Petra got the Allies and I got the Germans.

Turn 1
No supplies from Germany; they had to be put on trains and moved to
the railheads Venlo, Deventer,'s'Hertogenbosch and Amersfoort.

Turn 2
Supplies on their way, but already a few columns were awaiting the
arrival of these supplies at Deventer.

Turn 3:
Supplies arrived; Deventer and Venlo immediatly went from 20 Fuel
each to 10 Fuel, the others also supplied some of their 20 Fuel to
units in their area.
Ammo was with 80,80,65 and 65 was enough for about 3 turns

Turn 4
No supplies and Fuel went to 6, 8,12,15 in V,D,s'H and A.
Kampfgruppe von Tettau finally (or was it 1,2 turns later) got some
supplies from C-in-C Holland, but they had to search for the right
field (No Dump; they just left it in a meadow or on the town-square
and did not wait on von Tettau's cars.

Turn 5
Resupply with 20 Fuel each (phew, they needed that) and 80,80,65 and
65 Ammo

Turn 6
No supplies but reports of First Bombardment of Gladbach directed to
railway so; next turn Venlo on HALF OF THEIR USUAL SUPPLY.

Turn 7
Venlo got 40 Ammo and 10 Fuel the others their allocated part.
As fighting went North the Germans decided to move some supply from
Venlo to Goch first by car and later by train (as far I recollect).

Turn 8
No supplies and first bombardment of Wesel and Emmerich (supplies for
Deventer, Amersfoort and s'Hertogenbosch diverted via Bentheim).

Turn 9
Venlo 40 Ammo and 10 Fuel, the others their part and a stock of:
Venlo 114/14, Deventer 146/37, s'Hertogenbosch 139/44 and Amersfoort
163/29. But second bombardment of Gladbach (NO SUPPLIES TO VENLO
ANYMORE) and first bombardment of Bentheim near Oldenzaal (HALF

Turn 10
Venlo to 99/2, second bombardment of Emmerich and Wesel.

Turn 11
Second bombardment of Bentheim and; SUPPLIES TO 1/4; Meppen (near
Stadskanaal) still was not bombarded.

As by now the Germans had about V 99/2, D 137/37, s'H 114/28 and A
123/32 and their consumption of Fuel would be greater than they would
receive from Germany.

In the remaining turns Fuel slowly went down.

If the Allied Airforce had bombarded all railways into The
Netherlands from day 1 this had bogged down the German Armour and
Motorized/Mechanized units and their tanks in Arnhem would run dry
and become pillboxes on tracks.

A Special observation of the launching of 32 V-2's centered on
As Jim Wallman decide to make a 20 sided grid most V-2's were only
very loud, but 1 American unit on Groesbeek Heights got a direct hit
with minor damage and Intelligence decided it was an illegal still,
also 1 German unit got a hit but I do not know their damage.

After battle the infamous Keith McNally suggested to take a D20 for
distance and a D6 (-3 upto +3) for variabels right/left of flightpath.

For the Allied part I later on did help to put their re-supplies on
the map and some were very accurate and others in between several
Allied units (I think on purpose).

At about D+6 we learned that XXX-Corps had requested (in pre-game
orders) to switch their daily supply of 65 Ammo and 35 Fuel in their
Brussels Maindump to 100 Fuel.
As this was approved by Dempsey (Wallman) we went along but in
hindsight could the Allies produce this lot and still give the other
units their part???

So its is important to let the Main-umpires have your pre-game orders
in advance and to have all changes given to all relevant parties.

Jos Lauwers
Murphy's Heroes