After Action Report 11

CO VIII British Corps (Julian Fuller)

VIII corps carried out its operations to the letter. We suffered few
casualties and achieved all objectives within the agreed time frames. The
planning exercise was both useful and effective. We where able to achieve
greater results than expected due to the lack of aggression of local German

The enemy was very quiet during our attacks and only three
significant engagements where fought during the campaign. The first was a
the river crossing which although not clearing Achell of enemy forces, it
allowed all 3rd Div Brigades to cross and occupy their initial positions.
The 9th Brigade particularly had a very peaceful push on Weert. which was
effectively blocked by the morning of D2 . Minimal local resistance was
removed by pm D2. The ensuing drive on Geldrop resulted in contact with
Kampfgroup Walther. Which was removed by D4 am thanks to the timely arrival
of a battlegroup from 11th Armoured and an Armoured Regiment from 43 Div. to
assist 3rd Div 8 Bde in their assault. D5 saw the worst fighting around
Helmond with local counter attacks from 7th Fj battalions delaying the
movement of forces to Helmond. The timely discovery of a bridge at Beek
(this just shows its always worth pushing out flank guards) allowed the
disengagement from Helmond by the 11th Armoureds two engaged brigades and
the decision to risk a full bound forward for Cjik. The resulting tank
battle as the Cheshires and Shropshires hit the German Counter attack firmly
in the flank, destroying the majority of the assembled King Tigers, must
have been something to see.

Overall good cooperation with flanking corps
and particulary the 43 Div was a massive aid in getting our job done. And
to be honest the 11th must have looked just like the 7th Cavalry as the
Germans descended on the 43rd only to have 3 brigade size battle groups
smash through their formation.

All in all good work by allied forces but
where is my airdrop of fuel? They promised but never delivered! However
thanks to fuel/ammo from XXX Corps, captured German fuel and fuel from 43rd
we only had one moment when the tanks or should that be 'Tanks' looked