After Action Report 09

Erik Kooistra - Int Officer KG Walther

For me it was the first time I played an OMG. But I can tell you
that it was a great experience to play. Two of my team members were
also new.
We played Kampfgruppe Walther, and to my joy reading the AAR from
XXX Corps and VIII corps we gave them a hard time :-))).

We started the game just south of Valkenswaard split up on two sides
of the road to Valkenswaard. West of us flanked bij 719 ID and east
of us flanked bij 7 Para. KG Walther was (like in real) just a bunch
of all kinds of units. Some batalions of infantry, some SS infantry
some para units, Stug's and gun's.
On the west side of the road we had 3 batalions inf. under Hoffmann.
And the rest was on the east side. Befor the battle we had decided
to let Hoffmann join the rest of the units on the east side of the
road the first turn.
Unfortunatly we were in the route of the main assault and would not
stand a chance to this large attack. Our artillery got nocked out in
the first round. We got split up and were pushed back toward
Valkenswaard. The Hoffmann units were pushed to the NW and were
later added to 719 ID which later made there great attack on
Eindhoven and occupying the city for a few days (including the
Hoffmann group).

Because of the size of the attacking force we got pushed back NE to
Aalst, Geldrop, Mierlo and Helmond. During this push back we blew up
a lot of bridges and were able to blow all bridges over the
Zuidwillemsvaart south of Helmond.

By that time KG Walther was reduced to about 15% of it original
strengh and we were lucky to get reinforced by 7 para. With them we
blew op the bridges in Helmond but could not block the crossing of
the river by a strong force of (i think) Wessex infantry.
After that the game practicly was over but KG walter was still alive.
By the and of the game we lost our HQ.

Before the game we got the warning that KG Walther probably would be
distroyed in the first two rounds. But as I sayed at the and we were
still `alive and kicking'.

Thanks to my team mates and the cooperation with the (real german)
guys from 719 ID and 86 Corps we made it.


Erik Kooistra
Intel. Kampfgruppe Walther