After Action Report 02

Alan Huyton - Ops Officer XXX Corps

I thought the game was excellent and exciting throughout.

As XXX Corps staff, our role was mainly to keep a view of the big picture
and to keep the Guards and our supporting divisions on course. There was a
lot of information to gather and assimilate, sometimes conflicting and
sometimes exaggerated.

As an impression of the game, we seemed to start slowly, and were quite
worried that we were getting nowhere, especially when we lost the bridge at
Best. This picture got blacker when the Guards became caught up in a big
fight at Best, which must have lasted 3 turns. Probably this was crucial in
deciding the game, as the Guards were then spent and took time to recover.
Despite the elan of their charge up the main road and the crossing at
Ravenstein, we had lost crucial hours.

In hindsight, our mistakes were to focus too much on small spoiling attacks
by the Germans around Eindhoven. I feel we (myself included) became too
worried about defeating these sneaky, but clever, incursions. But I may be
wrong. In any case, I thought this was good play by the German players.

Thanks to Jim and Dick and all the others for a great day.