After Action Report 10

After Action Report
101st US Airborne Division

Logistics Report:-

As good a drop as the division has ever had. Our thanks to the IX Transport Command for the determination with which they flew us to our LZ's and DZ's.
The drop was marred only by the non-arrival of the third wave consisted of the serials allocated to our
initial supply drop.
The plan was executed to near perfection by all involved regiments.
At the end of the day the division held a bridged road-corridor from BEST to VEGHEL open for the advancing GARDEN forces. Sadly no contact had been made.

The remainder of the division was scheduled to arrive this day. Two serials failed to arrive. The 321st FA Bn and the divisional dump were both lost in transit.
Resupply fortuately occurred though no fuel was recovered. The Divison finished the day with supplies
on the ground but with all regiments except the 327 GIR with little or no supply on hand. An urgent request was made to XXX Corps for the release of Div. Tail to restore the position, unfortunately it only arrived in the Div. Area on 23rd Sept

With the supply situation restored but still lacking any fuel reserve and unable to further re-site the remaining artillery, Div. HQ moved to the SDP site to take over control of distribution.
From this point forward until the arrival of Div. Tail the main supply of the division was in the hands of five service companies.

D+3 onward
Whenever weather allowed IX TC did a grand job of keeping the supplies rolling and they were always ready to accomodate the constantly changing supply requests we were making, by D+4 the division had supply on the ground for the forseeable future and was building a forward fuel/ammo dump for XXX Corps units passing up the highway.

G4 - 101st US Abn Div (Andy Geliher)