After Action Report 03

Alex Baumans - CO LXXXVIII Corps

This is how it looked from the HQ of the German 88 Corps.

My main question is: XII Corps, where were you? Based on my previous
experience in 176 ID, I fully expected a large scale attack along my front
in order to wreck as much as possible of my units. Instead, nothing. Well,
a feeble probe from 15 Scottish Div, but nothing to write home about.

So, when nothing had materialised after a few moves, I decided that they
weren't going to attack and ignored the Southern flank from then on.
Meanwhile 719 ID had retreated in good order to the Eindhoven-Veldhoven
area and found itself in the flank of a traffic jam towards Best. The
opportunity was too good to miss. At that time we were feeling pretty
pleased with ourselves. We were blocking the bridges at Best and Veghel,
719 was working its way towards Eindhoven and the British seemed to have no
idea what to do next.

Then it all went wrong. We were pushed back from Veghel and Best and Army
HQ decided to retreat in the direction of Nijmegen, taking away 59 ID from
us. This left me with very little possibilities. I had withdrawn 85 ID from
Belgium and they were going West in the direction of Hell's Highway,
merrily shooting up a British brigade. When they bumped into something
solid, I directed them towards the Eindhoven area, to lend a bit of weight
to 719 ID efforts, who were still doing very well.

Then Army HQ intervened, completely changing the command structure. Then
Army Group HQ intervened changing it back again. When the dust settled, I
had a collection of batallions at Nijmegen, surrounded by the enemy, 719 ID
near Eindhoven, surrounded by the enemy and 85 ID in the woods near
Veldhoven, about to be surrounded. 12 Corps armour had moved at last!

I am still wondering what took 12 Corps so long. For most of the game,
there was huge gap between 719 ID and 85 ID (the team from 719 ID were
quite nervous about this) and when 85 ID moved west, there was nothing to
stop armoured cars advancing towards Tilburgh -Vught which would have
completely wrecked our logistics. In fact, when ordering the first advance
of 719 South of Best, I fully expected them to be caught in the flank by
the British the move after. Instead, they continued into the Eindhoven

Decisive action against 719 ID early on would have saved the Allies no end
of trouble in the Eindhoven-Veldhoven area.

All in all a great game, I am looking forward to the next one.