The History

Much has been written about Operation Market Garden and often better than we could hope to do. For those that wish to read up on the battle, we suggest that you consult your local library or one of the links below. All we will attempt here is a short list of what-ifs, that might have changed the course of the battle and where players in the game may alter the course of history.

The landing zones of the airborne troops has been criticised as being too far from the main objectives, that is the bridges, especially in the case of Arnhem and Nijmegen. Furthermore the lack of speed in occupying the bridges after landing resulted in the arrival of only a weak force at the Arnhem bridge and enormous difficulties in the capture of the Nijmegen bridge.
Allied players might plan to have their troops dropped closer to the bridge or to act more aggressively in capturing them, but this increases the risks to their lightly armed troops, and the risk to the vital air transport aircraft if those places have the expected heavy flak defences.
On the other hand the Germans might choose to attack in other places, which now will be more weakly defended.

The attacks of British XXX Corps ground to a halt when they reached Eindhoven although a breakthrough had been achieved. On the next day the Germans were able to bring up fresh troops and close the gap.
In the game, players might try to break with the established tactical doctrine and keep up the advance through the night, but run the risk of getting lost or running into a German ambush or outdistancing their logistic tail - already hard pressed to supply them up a single road.



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