Planning Materials

Updated 23-2-04

This page contains materials useful for the Allied Planning game.
These are resources such as the maps, some background materials and briefings, and any additional meterials the planning teams might need as the planning progresses.
In theory, the German players could find this page by searching via google - but there's nothing here they couldn't get by reading a book on Market Garden, so I'm not too worried.
Obviously, the plans you come up with will not be posted here.

Game Maps :
These are in PDF format. You'll need Adobe Acrobat to read and print them. To download a map without opening it, right-click and select 'save target as'.



  Map Sheet G
Map G
Map sheet A
Map Sheet B
Map Sheet C
Map A
Map B
Map C
Map Sheet D
Map Sheet E
Map Sheet F
Map D
Map E
Map F

Overall simplified planning map of The Netherlands.

Intelligence Traces of German deployments in the front line     USAAF Intelligence Map of German Flak concentrations inThe Netherlands, Sept 1944
Map A  
Map D   (Added 14.2.04)

Planning Documents

Upload date Document
13.2.04 Planning Briefing - the basic planning document on how the plan is worked out. (198k pdf)
15.2.04 Allied Briefing - orders of battle fo the entire Allied effort. (113k pdf). Modified for minor corrections for VIII Corps orbat.
13.2.04 DRAFT game handbook (1Mb pdf) Not absolutely essential for planning - the key bits are reproduced in the Planning briefing
15.2.04 Unit size data on XXX Corps (29k Excel97 spreadsheet)
15.2.04 Unit size data on XII Corps (18k Excel97 spreadsheet)
15.2.04 Unit size data onVIII Corps (17k Excel97 spreadsheet)
14.2.04 Blank Order Sheet (87k Word doc) Divisional teams will need this when finalising their plans for the initial assault.
ADDED 23-2-04 Blank AIR order sheet(123k Word doc) - for air side to issue their initial orders.
17.2.04 Supplemental Air Planning information. Essential technical stuff for the Air side.

All of these are subject to change if we find any errors or omissions. Check the upload date to see if you have the latest version.

Any questions or requests for more information to go to Jim Wallman