Last played Saturday 8 October 2011
at Leeds Royal Armouries

This is a megagame about the famous tank battle in Normandy in July 1944.
Operation Goodwood was an attack launched on 18 July 1944, by the British army to the east of the city of Caen with three armoured divisions, supported by a British corps on the eastern flank and a Canadian corps on the western flank.

When Operation Goodwood came to a close on 20 July, the armoured divisions had broken through the initial German defences and had advanced 7 miles before coming to a halt in front of the Bourguébus Ridge.
Some have called it the largest tank battle that the British Army has ever fought.

This operational megagame pitted Divisional and Corps staffs against each other in an intense pitched battle over the French countryside. We use an updated variant of the free OpCom map wargame rules.

The game was run by Megagame Makers

Last Played on Saturday 8 October 2011, Leeds

After Action Reports from the 14 May 2011 game

Report on the day by Jurrien DeJong on the Fortress AT site

During the game, the players in each team were invited to compile 'official war diaries' of their actions of their formation during the game: These have been scanned for download, here:

British 2nd Army HQ German LXXVI Corps HQ
British 3rd Division German 272 Infantry Division
Canadian 3rd Division German 346 Infantry Division
British VIII Corps HQ German 21 Panzer Div
Guards Armoured Division German 1 SS Pz Div
7th Armoured Division German 12 SS Pz Div
11th Armoured Division  
RAF 2nd Tactical Air Force  

Also see Tim Price's excellent photos of the day here

Players in the Leeds game 8 October 2011
Team Roles List from 14 May game
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How to play Operation Goodwood

24 April 2011
Guide for New megagamers
10 Nov 2008
Game map
25 April 2011

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