Played on Saturday 25 April 2009, Utrecht

This was a megagame about the campaign in France and the Low Countries in the spring of 1940. The game was prequelled by a planning game in which the high commands of all the participating nations develop their war plans.

These plans were then played out at all levels, from Army command right up to Cabinet and Head of State Level.

The game brings in the problems of alliance warfare for the Allies - joined together in some cases for the first time (Belgium and the Netherlands being unable to jointly plan with France and Britain prior to hostilities due to their neutral status).

The Germans, on the other hand are faced with the prospect of launching their new blitzkrieg doctrine against the strongest and best-equipped army in Europe (the French). It is one thing to use this successfully against an outdated and numerically inferior enemy (in Poland) - quite another against an enemy numerically superior and with, in many cases, better technology. If this new doctrine fails to bring the campaign to a speedy conclusion, the Germans face the unwelcome prospect of a prolonged and bloody war of attrition.

The game is being run by Megagames Nederland, a group of enthusiasts based in the Netherlands, in conjunction with the UK-based Megagame Makers

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